The Traceable cryogenics portfolio provides all products required to facilitate the storage, monitoring, and alerting of cryogenically frozen samples to ensure a reliable cryopreservation solution. All calibrated products come standard with an A2LA-accredited (1750.01) NIST-traceable calibration, the ultimate peace-of-mind that your logger is accurate and precise.

Key Benefits

  • Shop from one place with vetted, high-quality solutions across the board.
  • Stop worrying about where you saved a file. Analyze, organize, and archive your trip data in our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant TraceableLIVE cloud subscription service.
  • A variety of connection types ensure the right fit for your cryopreservation solution.

Cryogenics Products

PolarSafe® Cryogenic Vials

Argos Technologies® PolarSafe® Cryogenic Vials

Eliminate the need for O-rings with these innovative cryo vials from Traceable. Designed to withstand temperatures from -196°C, these are the perfect solution for your cryogenic sample storage needs.

PolarSafe® Cardboard Freezer Boxes

Argos Technologies PolarSafe® Cardboard Freezer Box Dividers, for 196 PCR Tubes, 8 mm Openings; 12/Pk

Customize your storage and stay organized. Moisture-repellent coatings allow for usage in liquid nitrogen and making a great storage system.

PolarSafe® Cryogenic Storage and Transport Dewars

Cole-Parmer® PolarSafe® Cryogenic Storage and Transport Dewars

Confidently store your samples in liquid nitrogen, with ultra-low evaporation loss. Long-term storage duration varies by model but can last up to 200 days under normal operation.

Traceable Liquid Nitrogen Wi-Fi Data Logger

Traceable® Cryogenic Wi-Fi Data Loggers Compatible with TraceableLIVE® Cloud Service

Monitor and log temperatures in your Dewars or other storage units. Alarms configurable in 1℃ increments will bring attention to any out of range conditions so you can act quickly.

Traceable Excursion-Trac Data Logging Cryogenic Thermometer

Traceable Excursion-Trac Datalogging Cryogenic Thermometer

Easily monitor temperatures overnight or for any time period—minimum and maximum temperatures are stored until the memory is cleared.

PolarSafe® Aluminum Cooling Block

Argos Technologies PolarSafe® Aluminum Cooling Block

Anodized aluminum block provides uniform temperature control across all cryo vials when cooling, freezing, or thawing.