Vaccine Storage

The vaccine cold chain is complicated with temperature challenges from end to end. Keep your vaccines safe, be compliant, and ensure your vaccine reaches the end user uncompromised when you use Traceable®, TraceableLIVE®, Cole-Parmer® and PolarSafe® products during storage and transport. All calibrated products come standard with an A2LA-accredited (1750.01) NIST-traceable calibration, the ultimate peace-of-mind that your logger is accurate and precise.

Key Benefits

  • Easily meet all recommended vaccine storage requirements with a comprehensive suite of products.
  • Prevent loss of expensive vaccines due to poor temperature and process controls.
  • Manage end-to-end cold chain monitoring, ensuring maximum vaccine effectiveness upon distribution.

Vaccine Storage Products

Traceable Wi-Fi Data Logging Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometers

Traceable Vaccine-Trac™ Data Logger Bundle

Looking for a persistently connected logging solution? TraceableLIVE meets and exceeds all CDC vaccine storage recommendations for digital data loggers.

Traceable Vaccine-Trac Data Logger Bundle

Traceable Vaccine-Trac™ Data Logger Bundle

Looking for an end-to-end temperature logging? The Vaccine-Trac bundle meets all CDC vaccine storage recommendations for digital data loggers.

PolarSafe® Cryogenic Labels

Argos Technologies PolarSafeDot- and Strip-Style Cryogenic Labels

Need a simple documentation solution? Make sure you know which vaccines are which and when you got them with PolarSafe color-coded labels.

Marvel Scientific Refrigerators

Marvel Scientific 24 Refrigerator, 5.3 cu ft, 120V

Vaccines need to stay cold. Engineered and built to meet or exceed the stringent standards required to meet vaccine storage requirements.

PolarSafe® Transport Bags

Cole-Parmer PolarSafe® Transport Bag

Make sure vaccines stay safe on the road. Maintain specific temperature ranges for extended periods of time for improved vaccine protection.

Traceable® Clip-It™

Traceable® Clip-It™ Timer

Don’t leave money on the table. Use a Clip-It timer to track your vaccines while they’re out of the fridge.