Cole-Parmer® FSB-200 Series Industrial Fluidized Sand Baths

Safe, efficient, and cost-effective cleaning of tooling, components, and parts
  • Removes plastics, paints, epoxy, rubber, adhesives, grease, lubricants, and oils
  • No tool damage or abrasion in cleaning
  • Fast cleaning minimizes production equipment down-time
  • Dry, inert, nontoxic aluminum oxide is a safer alternative than dangerous chemicals or solvents
Industrial sand baths are specifically designed to clean machinery tools and parts by "burning off" any plastic residues. Baths are effective at removing polymers such as PVC, PET, PTFE, PE, PP, PC nylon, and PEEK without abrasion to the tool or mold. Nonflammable, nonexplosive, and nontonxic aluminum oxide is used with fluidizing gas to reach temperatures up to 600°C (1112°F). Digital PID temperature controller and a type K thermocouple help maintain great temperature stability.

All baths require a dry air supply or an inert gas such as nitrogen and argon. Each unit comes with a front panel flowmeter to adjust airflow with settings for optimal flow per temperature. Baskets are available for cleaning small parts.

Note: When cleaning parts, baths should be operated in a hood or a well-ventilated area. Extraction collar and fans are available to ensure proper removal of fumes.
$12,045.00 - $16,380.00USD / Each

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Power (VAC) Reservoir Capacity (L) Description
Availability Pricing
230 5
$12,045.00USD / Each
230 12
$16,380.00USD / Each
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