Specialty Baths

Specialty Baths
Specialty baths offer unique, application specific baths, as well as baths that utilize alternative heating methods. Our products include a selection of the following: Bead/Sand baths—for heating without the use of water or bath fluids. Bead baths offer a cleaner, more energy efficient alternative for heating laboratory samples. Sand baths have the ability to heat to high temperatures, 600°C, and are often used for cleaning polymer residue. Coliform baths—baths are preset at 44.5°C to comply with USEPA testing regulations. Concentric ring steam baths—designed for gentle heating of samples, as well as evaporation of liquids. Removable rings accommodate varying vessel sizes. Viscosity baths—high accuracy temperature control, and unique sampling flasks to meet ASTM specifications for Saybolt and Kinematic viscosity.
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