Cole-Parmer® FSB-200 Series Precision Fluidized Sand Baths

Safe and clean alternative to conventional liquid systems and salt baths
  • More efficient and cost effective than ovens and salt baths
  • Nonabrasive to any devices or parts put into the bath
  • Digital display clearly indicates set point value and actual bath temperature
  • Ideal for calibrating and testing irregularly shaped temperature sensors
  • Complete with built-in dust extraction and collection system
These precision fluidized sand baths provide critical temperature calibrations and heat treatment processing. The units are suitable for many applications including thermal testing of sensitive components such as semiconductoer devices, wire products, and delicate transducers. They can also be used as a constant temperature environment for chemical reactions. Due to their exceptional temperature uniformity and fast temperature immersions, processing time is between two to three minutes per item for immersion in the bath, followed by quenching in cold fluid.

Order white sand 01184-73 to use with the fluidized baths. Because the fluidized bed is a fine dry powder, it does not have surface tension effects of liquid baths, and does not wet any objects immersed in it. The basic electrical insulating property of the aluminum oxide used in the baths is not affected by fluidization, making it possible to conduct electrical measurements on immersed objects such as assembled printed circuit boards. Select from manually controlled fluidizing air control or automatic fluidizing air control model with RS-232 interface.
$17,205.00 - $26,350.00USD / Each

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Precision Fluidized Sand Bath, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
$17,205.00USD / Each
Precision Fluidized Sand Bath with Auto Air Circulation, 230 V, 50 Hz
$26,350.00USD / Each
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