Cole-Parmer® SHP-200 Series Multiposition Stirring Hot Plates

Versatile—perform heating and multiple mixing applications at the same time
  • Each stirring position is individually controlled
  • Heat up to 450 °C in minutes
  • Front panel controls are positioned to prevent you from touching the hot plate
  • Solid ceramic surface offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
These analog multiposition stirring hot plates offer you much more versatility than single-position units. Each stirrer position is individually controlled and can stir solutions from 100 to 1500 rpm. The heater knob controls the temperature range from 100 to 450 °C and features two quick-set positions (HI and LO). Indicator lights illuminate when stirring and heating functions are activated.

The solid ceramic top surface is corrosion and chemical resistant, is easy to clean, and measures 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12” x 12”). It heats up quickly and will never warp or buckle
$2,025.00 - $2,600.00USD / Each

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Max Stirring Volume per position (Liters) No. Of Stirring Positions Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
0.8 5 120
$2,025.00USD / Each
0.4 9 120
$2,600.00USD / Each
0.8 5 230
$2,025.00USD / Each
0.4 9 230
$2,600.00USD / Each
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