Are You Preparing to Re-Open?

Mitigate the Spread of Germs, Bacteria and Viruses

Implementing small safety measures can go a long way to protect workers from exposure to viruses, germs and bacteria. Use FDA-cleared noncontact IR forehead thermometers to check employees’ temperatures before they enter the building and periodically throughout the day. Equip everyone with safety glasses, masks, face shields, masks and gloves. Keep all areas clean by increasing cleaning protocols. Promote hand washing. When soap and water are not readily available, place hand sanitizer around as a reminder to keep hands clean. We have what you need to minimize contamination and keep everyone safe in your workplace.

5 Measures to consider for a safe return to work

Handling, Storing, and Transporting Samples

As you re-open, you can find many products at Cole-Parmer to help you get back to business safely and efficiently. Use IR and remote technologies so your workers can maintain safe distances. Select balances with IR proximity touchless sensors to keep contact to a minimum, reducing the spread of germs. Use dewars, transport bags and boxes, and temperature data loggers to confidently store and transport temperature-sensitive samples and maintain sample integrity. You can also minimize cross-contamination by supplying each person on your team with their own set of affordable equipment such as color-coded pipettors, balances, glassware, stirrers, timers and more.

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