Smart Wi-Fi Connected Traceable® Data Loggers

Plug and Play Calibration
with Smart Probes

Eliminate Stress, Maintain Compliance, and Safeguard Sensitive Samples  


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Equipped with a touchscreen display, antitampering features, and your choice of smart probes and sensors, the Traceable® 7600 Smart Wi-Fi Connected Data Logger is ideal for safeguarding temperature-sensitive samples, vaccines, medicines, and chemicals in environments without around-the-clock staffing. Shop All Traceable 7600 Products.

Choose the Data Logger & Smart Probe Kits Best for Your Lab

Traceable 7600 Smart Wi-Fi Data Logger Kit with Bottle Smart Probe and Door Sensor

The smart bottle probes mimic temperature changes of samples in your refrigerator or freezer

Traceable 7600 Smart Wi-Fi Data Logger Kit with Bullet Smart Probe and Door Sensor

The smart bullet probe is temperature sensitive to small ambient variations and gives instant readings

Traceable 7600 Smart Wi-Fi Data Logger Kit with Vaccine Bottle Smart Probe and Door Sensor

Made for vaccines with a smart probe that fits into the vaccine trays

Traceable® 7600 Smart Probes

Plug and play smart probes let you swap out the smart sensors with ease.



Plug and Play Calibration with Smart Probes

Calibration lives in the plug and play smart probes, instead of the 7600 base unit which allows the base unit to be configured onto your network/TraceableLIVE cloud account one time, using a single activation code or subscription, and then smart probes can be added/removed/replaced as needed with a simple acknowledgement on the touch screen. This is the only interaction needed to confirm a removed/replaced probe.

When it's time to update the calibration on a probe, simply replace the probe to avoid expensive on-site calibrations. There's no need to replace the whole device/sensor, these smart data loggers can be repurposed to make others measurements in the future, or add/remove a 2nd channel on the probes or door sensors.


Traceable Real-Time Notifications

Real-Time Notifications

Traceable Intuitive Touchscreen Technology

Intuitive Touchscreen Technology

Traceable Plug-and-Play Calibration

Plug-and-Play Calibration

Traceable Simple One-Time Setup

Simple One-Time Setup


Introducing the Traceable 7600 Smart Wi-Fi Data Logger


Traceable 7600 series Smart Wi-Fi Data Logger video

Upgrade your lab’s monitoring with the Traceable 7600 Smart Wi-Fi Data Logger, co-designed with leading global laboratories. This device offers a touchscreen interface, secure anti-tampering measures, and customizable smart probes and sensors, ensuring optimal protection for temperature-sensitive goods like vaccines and chemicals, especially in unsupervised settings.


Know What’s Happening 24/7 with TraceableLIVE


Ensure the integrity of your cold chain, regardless of its length, with TraceableLIVE. This advanced cloud-based system integrates flawlessly with the Traceable 7600, monitoring your storage facilities continuously and alerting you via SMS, email, and notifications to any temperature discrepancies, thereby safeguarding your critical samples.



Every Traceable® product is accompanied by a uniquely numbered Traceable Certificate, verifying its precision from our A2LA-accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibration lab. This certification confirms that all measurements align with SI units, validated through NIST or other recognized NMIs involved in the CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement. Our rigorous vetting ensures that each product meets high standards before earning the Traceable name, offering significant savings in time and costs by eliminating the need for separate calibration.