Jenway 74 & 76 Spectrophotometer Extra Features

Jenway 74 & 76 Spectrophotometer tutorials: Installation Setup | Performing Modes | Extra Features


Equipped with CPLive™ technology, the 74 & 76 Series comprises Jenway’s most intuitive and user-friendly spectrophotometers yet.

File Management

  1. To run a saved method, load it by:
    1. Open mode, touch overflow icon, touch load method, and select a method
    2. Open methods, select a method
  2. Favourite methods (displayed on home screen, if enabled)
    1. To add: Select method, touch the heart icon
    2. To remove: Select method, deselect the heart icon or check/uncheck to select files for deletion


    1. 10 x 10 mm cell holder is fitted as standard in the 7410, 7415 and 7615
    2. 10 to 100mm adjustable path length cuvette holder holds cells ranging in path length from 10mm up to 100mm
    3. 16/24 mm test tube holder can accept 10 mm cuvettes, 16 mm and 24 mm tubes and vials
    4. 10 x 10 mm microcuvette holder can be used with plastic microcuvettes which have a small aperture to prevent light by-passing the sample through the side walls of the cuvette
    5. TrayCell forn measurement of small volumes of biological fluids
    6. Xenon and Tungsten lamps


    Share data and manage your account with 24/7 remote access from anywhere.

    • CPLive connectivity keeps your data secure and easily accessible.
    • Results are automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud.
    • Transfer and store all your spectrophotometry protocols and results to one place, and effortlessly share with colleagues.
    • Simultaneously manage multiple devices through your free CPLive account, via a tablet or computer.
    • Use the CPLive app on your smartphone.

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